There is no warranty of any kind, either implied or explicit, on any KWS Motorsports product or service.

All KWS Motorsports built motorcycles and motorcycle engines are intended for OFF ROAD or CLOSED CIRCUIT RACING USE ONLY and are thus subject to the stresses normally associated with this type of use, stresses that can far exceed original manufacturer specifications. Since the operation of these motorcycles and motorcycle engines is far in excess of the safe limits that are usually set for these engines, breakage and failures are an accepted risk of racing. Therefore, because of the many unknown factors involved in racing and because the safety limits can normally be exceeded by virtually every part in the motorcycle or motorcycle engine, we do not offer a warranty of any kind on any motorcycles or engines we build or sell.

KWS Motorsports can guarantee the functionality and performance at the date of the engine build or finish-test at our facility only. We ensure that all components installed in the engine or on the motorcycle are per the customer’s quotation and installed by our highly experienced staff. The buyer assumes all responsibility and risk at time of pick-up/delivery.

Any warranty issued by a manufacturer of any part installed by KWS Motorsports must be addressed with that specific manufacturer. KWS Motorsports does not manufacturer any of the parts used unless specifically so stated and the consumer cannot hold KWS Motorsports liable for manufactured parts defects or failures.