Pro Race Prep & Complete Bike Builds

KWS Pro Race Bike Builds

KWS Pro Race Bike Builds

KWS Motorsports is your one-stop shop for your new or existing race bike build.

Have you ever wanted a professionally built race bike but lacked the time or resources to make it a reality? We have the time, resources, and vast experience necessary to make a turnkey race bike a reality for you. We offer complete race bike builds just like our famous Millennium/KWS Suzuki AMA bikes. Drop off your donor bike and pick up your professionally built race bike a few weeks later.

We can also source the bike itself from our partners at

Every KWS motorcycle project is custom built to the customer’s specific application. The information below is typical of the average build. Please call or email us today so that we can spec a build for your application. All descriptions, estimates, and quotes assume that your bike is in perfect condition when delivered, requiring only the performance improvements described below. Any additional parts or repairs are extra.


Bike Preparation Service
  • Baseline Dyno Run
  • Complete bike disassembly
  • Grease, inspect, and re-torque all bearings, pivots, links, etc.
  • Remove all unnecessary brackets
  • Remove all unnecessary electrical components (ignition switch, etc.)
  • Modify under tail/battery tray
  • Re-route wiring harness
  • Replace rear shock and rebuild front forks (see suspension parts options)
  • Modify bolts and hangers for easy service
  • Install Supersport/Superstock engine
  • Drill and safety wire all bolts according to your racing sanctioning body's requirements
  • Hang aftermarket bodywork
  • Install aftermarket electrical components (ECU, shifter, etc.)
  • Install accessory brackets (rearsets, clip-ons, upper cowl brace, etc.)
  • Install braided steel or aramid brake lines, race brake fluid, race pads
  • Flush coolant system and replace with legal coolant
  • Install 520 chain and sprockets
  • Install protective screens on radiator/oil coolers
  • Modify fuel cap (AMA)/replace fuel cap (WERA, CCS)


Engine Service
  • KWS Pro Supersport/Superstock engine build
    • Baseline Dyno Run
    • Remove and Reinstall Engine
    • Blueprint
    • Newen CNC Valve Job
    • Deck Head and Cylinder
    • Degree Cams
    • Replace Rod and Main Bearings
    • Final Dyno Tune for Your Preferred Fuel
  • KWS Pro Superbike engine build
    • Baseline Dyno Run
    • Remove and Reinstall Engine
    • Blueprint
    • KWS Pro Cylinder Head
    • Web Cams
    • JE pistons
    • Carrillo Rods
    • Replace Rod and Main Bearings
    • Final Dyno Tune for Your Preferred Fuel
Additional Engine Parts
  • Full exhaust system (several options)
  • Aftermarket ECU (Bazzaz Z-Fi, Dynojet Power Commander, etc.)
  • Quick shifter
  • Ignition modules
  • Yoshimura EM-Pro Kit ECU or similar
  • Custom OEM ECU remapping
  • Traction control system
  • Engine covers
  • KWS manual cam chain tensioner
  • APE cam sprockets
  • Typical gaskets, bearings, miscellaneous supplies for an SS build


  • We offer a wide variety of upgraded, racce-ready suspension components, including JRi, Ohlins, Penske, and more!
Chassis Parts
  • Clip-ons
  • Rear sets
  • Upper cowl brace
  • Frame sliders with custom KWS pucks
  • Pit Bull swingarm spools
  • Competition fuel caps
  • Front/rear sprockets
  • EK 520ZVX chain
  • Pit Bull steering damper
  • Braided steel or aramid brake lines
  • Race brake pads
  • Brembo master cylinder
Optional Chassis Parts
  • Aftermarket (e.g., CRG, others) clutch lever assembly
  • Aftermarket (e.g., CRG, others) brake/clutch levers
  • Aftermarket (e.g., Marvic, Carozzeria, BST, Rotobox, etc.) wheels
  • Lightened rear brake rotors


Body Parts
  • Body Parts
  • Catalyst Racing Composites complete race body (upper, lower, tail)
  • Windscreen (e.g., Zero Gravity)
  • Dzus fasteners